Admin Panel
{9p51a5r739 rkjd3roshl Managing Admin User Permissions This article describes each of the user permissions in the admin panel, as well as how to create and delete users. https://help.dealerspike.com/admin-panel/about-user-permissions-in-the-admin-panel /admin-panel/about-user-permissions-in-the-admin-panel about-user-permissions-in-the-admin-panel [] 2021-12-06 02:19:02.87838 +0000 UTC 2023-07-03 21:50:38.070326 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8090 0xc0007c80a8}) map[en:/admin-panel/about-user-permissions-in-the-admin-panel] []}{f78adzzkah rkjd3roshl Creating New Admin Panel User Accounts Estimated Reading Time: 5-10 minutes Required Permissions: Useradmin Click Here for Quick Guide: Sign into your site's admin panel. Go to the Manage Users page (Admin -> Manage Users). Click the Crea… https://help.dealerspike.com/admin-panel/creating-new-admin-panel-user-accounts /admin-panel/creating-new-admin-panel-user-accounts creating-new-admin-panel-user-accounts [] 2021-09-28 21:54:28.015356 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:21:07.673209 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8120 0xc0007c8138}) map[en:/admin-panel/creating-new-admin-panel-user-accounts] []}{mcbozogukp rkjd3roshl Resetting Your Admin Panel Password Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Required Permissions: Useradmin Click Here for Quick Guide: Sign into your site's admin panel. Go to the Manage Users page (Admin -> Manage Users). Click the Update… https://help.dealerspike.com/admin-panel/resetting-your-admin-panel-password /admin-panel/resetting-your-admin-panel-password resetting-your-admin-panel-password [] 2021-12-02 20:34:07.313209 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:21:03.122783 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c81b0 0xc0007c81c8}) map[en:/admin-panel/resetting-your-admin-panel-password] []}{ax00labzz7 rkjd3roshl Signing Into the Admin Panel Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Click Here for Quick Guide: Go to your site's admin panel log-in page (https:www.yoursitehere.com/admin). Put your user name and password into the sign in form and c… https://help.dealerspike.com/admin-panel/signing-into-the-admin-panel /admin-panel/signing-into-the-admin-panel signing-into-the-admin-panel [] 2021-11-16 15:40:48.289809 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:20:53.784597 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8240 0xc0007c8258}) map[en:/admin-panel/signing-into-the-admin-panel] []}
Aftermarket Catalog and Product Management
{mtmv1pg7cc oqoxey91q7 Automatic Category Management This article details the rules governing automatic management of Aftermarket Categories. https://help.dealerspike.com/aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/automatic-category-management /aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/automatic-category-management automatic-category-management [randomly where missing moved lost came] 2022-10-10 20:57:55.258379 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:44.810098 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8318 0xc0007c8330}) map[en:/aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/automatic-category-management] []}{xkiibqiqd5 oqoxey91q7 Catalog Availability - Ecommerce Aftermarket This article has information on the available distributor catalogs that can be added to your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-ecommerce-and-partstream /aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-ecommerce-and-partstream catalog-availablility-ecommerce-and-partstream [DS_exclusive] 2021-11-22 23:23:59.332725 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:40.69068 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c83a8 0xc0007c83c0}) map[en:/aftermarket-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-ecommerce-and-partstream] []}
{s572y31mwb 96gx99rnay Using the New Reputation Management Console This article explains how the New Reputation Management program works and how to access your reputation management data and respond to customers. https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/using-the-new-reputation-management-tool /analytics/using-the-new-reputation-management-tool using-the-new-reputation-management-tool [reputation management check online reviews social media mention online mention reputation manager] 2023-01-27 06:28:14.193507 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:50:35.001082 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 7 minutes ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8480 0xc0007c8498}) map[en:/analytics/using-the-new-reputation-management-tool] []}{wejb3bdo25 96gx99rnay Tips to Improve Your Site's Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors in connecting with customers online. This page will give you some basic tips and advice for improving the performance of your Dealer Spike website on search engines like Google. https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/tips-to-improve-your-site-s-search-engine-optimization /analytics/tips-to-improve-your-site-s-search-engine-optimization tips-to-improve-your-site-s-search-engine-optimization [] 2022-09-13 15:14:59.453356 +0000 UTC 2023-07-03 21:50:20.944911 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8510 0xc0007c8528}) map[en:/analytics/tips-to-improve-your-site-s-search-engine-optimization] []}{j72ynppzn9 96gx99rnay Basic DNS Information for Your Website & Email Domain This page explains how to tell if your domain is expired, how to find information on your domain, and how to check and remove your email domain from blacklists. https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/basic-dns-information-for-your-website /analytics/basic-dns-information-for-your-website basic-dns-information-for-your-website [] 2022-09-20 09:34:09.046521 +0000 UTC 2023-07-03 21:50:01.603794 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c85a0 0xc0007c85b8}) map[en:/analytics/basic-dns-information-for-your-website] []}{lafwfwx31l 96gx99rnay Setting Up Google Conversion Tracking for Dealer Spike Forms Estimated Reading Time: 30 Minutes.. This article will go over how to set up Google Conversion tracking in Google Analytics or AdWords targeting the thank you page URLs for forms. It will have the UR… https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/setting-up-google-conversion-tracking-for-dealer-spike-forms /analytics/setting-up-google-conversion-tracking-for-dealer-spike-forms setting-up-google-conversion-tracking-for-dealer-spike-forms [] 2021-12-02 20:23:09.385656 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:20:48.867493 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8630 0xc0007c8648}) map[en:/analytics/setting-up-google-conversion-tracking-for-dealer-spike-forms] []}{9p4cugyyye 96gx99rnay Changing Metadata through the inline editor Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Siteeditadmin, Snippet Click Here for Quick Guide: Sign into your site's admin panel. Click on the Content tab, then on the Site Editing butto… https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/changing-metadata-through-the-inline-editor /analytics/changing-metadata-through-the-inline-editor changing-metadata-through-the-inline-editor [] 2021-11-16 15:38:27.703005 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:20:38.837118 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c86d8 0xc0007c86f0}) map[en:/analytics/changing-metadata-through-the-inline-editor] []}{2i7d1isg9z 96gx99rnay Important Analytics and SEO Terms and What They Mean for Your Site This page runs down all of the most important SEO and analytics-related terms you'll run into when looking up information about how your site is doing. https://help.dealerspike.com/analytics/important-analytics-and-seo-terms-and-what-they-mean-for-your-site /analytics/important-analytics-and-seo-terms-and-what-they-mean-for-your-site important-analytics-and-seo-terms-and-what-they-mean-for-your-site [] 2022-10-07 14:37:59.471076 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:20:30.853687 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8768 0xc0007c8780}) map[en:/analytics/important-analytics-and-seo-terms-and-what-they-mean-for-your-site] []}
CDK Lightspeed
{p8on2qiglx 2fn6o8je4d Integrate Lightspeed with Ecommerce The Lightspeed 3rd Party Integration allows Ecommerce and Lightspeed to sync Pricing, Inventory, and Orders information. https://help.dealerspike.com/cdk-lightspeed/lightspeed-3-rd-party-3-pa /cdk-lightspeed/lightspeed-3-rd-party-3-pa lightspeed-3-rd-party-3-pa [3pa web orders module lightspeed ecommerce integration pss integration] 2021-11-22 22:36:52.704535 +0000 UTC 2023-08-22 15:59:15.863962 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8840 0xc0007c8858}) map[en:/cdk-lightspeed/lightspeed-3-rd-party-3-pa] []}
Catalog and Product Management
{v3dft9dubp xzv24hlmc3 Hide or Show Ecommerce Product Groups and Categories Hidden Ecommerce Categories allow you to temporarily remove Product groups or categories without losing Product and Category information or reliably remove Categories from Aftermarket Catalogs. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/hide-an-ecommerce-category /managing-catalogs/hide-an-ecommerce-category hide-an-ecommerce-category [] 2022-09-20 21:45:05.375329 +0000 UTC 2023-10-04 18:00:18.44929 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8918 0xc0007c8930}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/hide-an-ecommerce-category] []}{rzbukjz6b9 xzv24hlmc3 Update Image Overrides by CSV Import This guide walks through uploading custom product images to your ecommerce items. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/image-overrides /managing-catalogs/image-overrides image-overrides [] 2021-11-23 22:13:08.41993 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:33.723734 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c89a8 0xc0007c89c0}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/image-overrides] []}{ad4bgwz803 xzv24hlmc3 Update Cost Overrides by CSV Import This page shows how to add cost from your distributors to your ecommerce store by downloading and filling out a template file. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/cost-overrides /managing-catalogs/cost-overrides cost-overrides [] 2021-11-23 22:11:54.579686 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:30.413056 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c8a38 0xc0007c8a50}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/cost-overrides] []}{17un5708v3 xzv24hlmc3 Update Price Overrides by CSV Import This guide walks through using CSV files to upload pricing overrides for each distributor SKU (stock-keeping unit number). https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/price-overrides-by-csv-file /managing-catalogs/price-overrides-by-csv-file price-overrides-by-csv-file [] 2021-11-23 22:00:29.399328 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:27.138561 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9cc8 0xc0007c9ce0}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/price-overrides-by-csv-file] []}{xe19658egk xzv24hlmc3 Update Shelf Inventory and Price by User Interface This page has information on updating your Aftermarket and Private Product inventory by uploading a CSV spreadsheet file. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-user-interface-aftermarket /managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-user-interface-aftermarket update-shelf-inventory-by-user-interface-aftermarket [] 2021-11-23 16:24:40.789696 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:23.902374 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9d70 0xc0007c9d88}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-user-interface-aftermarket] []}{1i9m6c7sul xzv24hlmc3 Update Categories and Category Structure by User Interface This page shows how to manually add and remove categories. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/categories-manage-add-delete /managing-catalogs/categories-manage-add-delete categories-manage-add-delete [] 2021-11-22 22:55:12.999621 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:20.305742 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9e00 0xc0007c9e18}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/categories-manage-add-delete] []}{jepc0vsfoz xzv24hlmc3 Update Categories and Category Structure by CSV Import This guide walks through updating the categories on your web store by uploading customized CSV spreadsheet files. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/categories-by-csv /managing-catalogs/categories-by-csv categories-by-csv [] 2021-11-23 22:37:07.738109 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:16.469819 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9ea8 0xc0007c9ec0}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/categories-by-csv] []}{eyw29xr4t5 xzv24hlmc3 How to Format an Ecommerce SKU for Imports This guide shows how to use Microsoft Excel to update a SKU sent from distributors to the correct format to upload to your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/how-to-format-an-aftermarket-sku /managing-catalogs/how-to-format-an-aftermarket-sku how-to-format-an-aftermarket-sku [] 2021-11-23 22:31:37.522191 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:12.58537 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9f38 0xc0007c9f50}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/how-to-format-an-aftermarket-sku] []}{h1jjsldgzu xzv24hlmc3 Hosting Visuals in Media Center This page has information on Media Center, an image hosting platform that can be used to upload custom images for custom/private products. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/media-center /managing-catalogs/media-center media-center [] 2021-11-22 22:41:29.293374 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:42:08.523976 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0007c9fc8 0xc0007c9fe0}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/media-center] []}{7atjzk3u7b xzv24hlmc3 Set Sales on Ecommerce Products Set Ecommerce sales by Discounting a Manufacturer or adding an optional Sale Price to individual Products. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/set-sales-on-ecommerce-products /managing-catalogs/set-sales-on-ecommerce-products set-sales-on-ecommerce-products [sale special clearance pss sale discount] 2023-01-12 15:33:47.560846 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:28.217669 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a1c8 0xc00062a1f8}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/set-sales-on-ecommerce-products] []}{3ny15b6dve xzv24hlmc3 Update Shelf Inventory and Sale Price by CSV Import This page has information on updating your inventory by uploading a CSV spreadsheet file. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-csv-aftermarket /managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-csv-aftermarket update-shelf-inventory-by-csv-aftermarket [] 2021-11-22 22:13:09.312399 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:24.259359 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a2e8 0xc00062a318}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/update-shelf-inventory-by-csv-aftermarket] []}{8c9lfrwmvw xzv24hlmc3 Creating Ecommerce Feature Groups This guide walks through the process of featuring selected product groups on your web store's home page. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/how-to-feature-product-groups /managing-catalogs/how-to-feature-product-groups how-to-feature-product-groups [] 2021-11-22 21:27:55.045521 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:15.437637 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a408 0xc00062a438}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/how-to-feature-product-groups] []}{dordmjl0un xzv24hlmc3 Update Price Rules & Price Overrides by User Interface This page has information on using price rules and overrides to apply custom pricing on inventory and the different methods to do so. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/price-rules-price-overrides /managing-catalogs/price-rules-price-overrides price-rules-price-overrides [] 2021-11-22 22:45:01.744732 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:11.043341 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a4f8 0xc00062a510}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/price-rules-price-overrides] []}{lcemo2li7u xzv24hlmc3 Ecommerce Products, Product Groups, Categories and Catalogs Learn more about Ecommerce Products, Product Groups, Categories and Catalogs, where to find them and how to use them. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/products-vs-categories-examples /managing-catalogs/products-vs-categories-examples products-vs-categories-examples [] 2021-11-22 21:22:16.456404 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:07.451385 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a5a0 0xc00062a5b8}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/products-vs-categories-examples] []}{2ze6daz0od xzv24hlmc3 Delete or Exclude a Product Group This page shows how to manually remove products and product groups. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/products-manage-add-delete /managing-catalogs/products-manage-add-delete products-manage-add-delete [] 2021-11-22 21:23:27.331756 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:03.691858 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false duplicate API 0xc00062a630 0xc00062a648}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/products-manage-add-delete] []}{65lr7qsnfz xzv24hlmc3 Update Product Group Category Mapping by User Interface This page shows how to update the category for a product using the regular user interface on your ecommerce web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/how-to-change-the-category-of-a-listed-product-from-the-dashboard /managing-catalogs/how-to-change-the-category-of-a-listed-product-from-the-dashboard how-to-change-the-category-of-a-listed-product-from-the-dashboard [] 2021-11-22 22:57:09.493205 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:40:00.13768 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a6c0 0xc00062a6d8}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/how-to-change-the-category-of-a-listed-product-from-the-dashboard] []}{k4wxy3kd54 xzv24hlmc3 Update Product Group Category Mapping by CSV Import Product Mapping imports update the Category mapped to Aftermarket and Private Catalog Product Group listings. This allows listing, webstore reorganization and delisting Product Groups. https://help.dealerspike.com/managing-catalogs/how-do-i-set-or-update-ecommerce-product-group-categories /managing-catalogs/how-do-i-set-or-update-ecommerce-product-group-categories how-do-i-set-or-update-ecommerce-product-group-categories [Category Mapping List Products Map Product Groups Why aren't my Ecommerce Products Missing Ecommerce Products Product Group to Category] 2022-09-13 13:44:46.643367 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:39:56.075435 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a768 0xc00062a780}) map[en:/managing-catalogs/how-do-i-set-or-update-ecommerce-product-group-categories] []}
Content Editing
{2whjk9fi7i 6j0sfw36mv Creating Modal Pop-Ups with the Announcement Builder This article shows how to use Announcement Builder to add and manage custom pop-up announcements on your website. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/building-modal-pop-ups-with-the-announcement-builder /content-editing/building-modal-pop-ups-with-the-announcement-builder building-modal-pop-ups-with-the-announcement-builder [remove popup holiday memorial_day christmas new_years new_year Easter thanksgiving independence_day labor_day labour_day Veterans_day may_day hanukkah] 2022-02-04 12:02:15.830366 +0000 UTC 2023-09-19 15:44:08.379766 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 2 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a888 0xc00062a8a0}) map[en:/content-editing/building-modal-pop-ups-with-the-announcement-builder] []}{jaxhkavwr8 6j0sfw36mv Create Content Pages Content pages are additional web pages that can be created and linked on your website. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/create-content-pages /content-editing/create-content-pages create-content-pages [Test-CMS-LighthouseWT] 2021-10-01 19:24:38.061343 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:59.204594 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a918 0xc00062a930}) map[en:/content-editing/create-content-pages] []}{ayepnd8320 6j0sfw36mv Chatbridge Admin Tutorial Estimated Reading Time: 15 Minutes.. Looking for information on using the Chatbridge web application for administrators to manage chat settings and operators? This video tutorial walks through how to… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/chatbridge-admin-tutorial /content-editing/chatbridge-admin-tutorial chatbridge-admin-tutorial [] 2021-09-30 19:46:29.996969 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:53.366782 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062a9a8 0xc00062a9c0}) map[en:/content-editing/chatbridge-admin-tutorial] []}{7nat8b5vq7 6j0sfw36mv Chatbridge Operator Tutorial Estimated Reading Time: 15 Minutes.. Looking for information on how to use the Chatbridge web application to answer and see information on incoming chat messages from your customers? This video tutor… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/chatbridge-tutorial /content-editing/chatbridge-tutorial chatbridge-tutorial [] 2021-09-30 19:44:48.160846 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:48.791271 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062aa50 0xc00062aa68}) map[en:/content-editing/chatbridge-tutorial] []}{72c6crd5qy 6j0sfw36mv Using Basic HTML to Format Text in Inventory Fields and Content Snippets Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Snippet, Inventory Inventory Platform: Any.. You can use basic HTML code to style text within certain inventory fields and content snippets. T… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/using-basic-html-to-format-text-in-inventory-fields-and-content-snippets /content-editing/using-basic-html-to-format-text-in-inventory-fields-and-content-snippets using-basic-html-to-format-text-in-inventory-fields-and-content-snippets [] 2021-11-16 15:19:58.344354 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:44.590507 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062ab10 0xc00062b470}) map[en:/content-editing/using-basic-html-to-format-text-in-inventory-fields-and-content-snippets] []}{1lf7noszye 6j0sfw36mv Managing Staff with the Staff Builder Tool Estimated Reading Time: 20 Minutes Required Permissions: Content Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Go to the Staff Builder page from the Content menu at the top of the pag… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/managing-staff-with-the-staff-builder-tool /content-editing/managing-staff-with-the-staff-builder-tool managing-staff-with-the-staff-builder-tool [] 2021-11-16 16:09:18.877986 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:40.407766 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062b7d0 0xc00062b800}) map[en:/content-editing/managing-staff-with-the-staff-builder-tool] []}{gp3n4vp9fu 6j0sfw36mv Changing the About Us Statement on the Home Page Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Required Permissions: Snippet Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Click the Content tab at the top of the page, then the Content Snippets b… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/changing-the-about-us-statement-on-the-home-page /content-editing/changing-the-about-us-statement-on-the-home-page changing-the-about-us-statement-on-the-home-page [] 2021-11-16 15:36:15.739269 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:36.01727 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062b9e0 0xc00062b9f8}) map[en:/content-editing/changing-the-about-us-statement-on-the-home-page] []}{ttw7u3b0cs 6j0sfw36mv Creating Calendar Events Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Required Permissions: Events Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Click on the Events tab at the top of the screen, then on the Manage Event… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/creating-calendar-events /content-editing/creating-calendar-events creating-calendar-events [] 2021-12-02 20:28:04.52195 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:31.681924 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062ba70 0xc00062ba88}) map[en:/content-editing/creating-calendar-events] []}{lvpu341iwy 6j0sfw36mv Using Built-in Web Forms and Leads This page will run down the list of forms that can be used on any site, example URLs you can use to preview the forms, and how they map to leads inside the admin panel. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/adding-new-forms-to-your-site /content-editing/adding-new-forms-to-your-site adding-new-forms-to-your-site [] 2021-12-13 16:08:19.451075 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:26.536687 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bb00 0xc00062bb18}) map[en:/content-editing/adding-new-forms-to-your-site] []}{ktz2zfmv0o 6j0sfw36mv Customizing Page URLs Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes.. Dealer Spike web page URLs have several unique characteristics and can be configured in one of a few different ways. This article will run down how URLs for web pa… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/customizing-page-urls /content-editing/customizing-page-urls customizing-page-urls [] 2021-12-02 20:40:40.456222 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:22.564323 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bba8 0xc00062bbc0}) map[en:/content-editing/customizing-page-urls] []}{varcyjjmjy 6j0sfw36mv Image Guidelines and Tips This page will show you where and how to compress images that don't get automatically compressed for faster page loading time, where to find images that you can use for free without adding any attributions (credits) to your site, and how and where to add alt text to your images to aid accessibility software and improve your SEO. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/image-guidelines-and-tips /content-editing/image-guidelines-and-tips image-guidelines-and-tips [] 2021-12-10 21:09:25.623402 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:18.325763 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bc38 0xc00062bc50}) map[en:/content-editing/image-guidelines-and-tips] []}{1mz5zbsvf2 6j0sfw36mv Creating Blog Posts Blogs can be a great way to provide stories, useful information, news, and more. This article provides step-by-step instructions to navigate to and use the new blog posting tool. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/creating-blog-posts /content-editing/creating-blog-posts creating-blog-posts [lighthouse] 2021-10-01 17:15:46.212305 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:22:13.331302 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bcc8 0xc00062bce0}) map[en:/content-editing/creating-blog-posts] []}{4o673d2qb9 6j0sfw36mv Updating Slideshows (Rotating Banners) Estimated Reading Time: 15 Minutes Required Permissions: Slideshow Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Click on the Slideshows tab at the top of the page, then on the name o… https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/uploading-slides-to-a-slideshow /content-editing/uploading-slides-to-a-slideshow uploading-slides-to-a-slideshow [rotator banner] 2021-11-16 16:00:55.18188 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:19:52.763712 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bd58 0xc00062bd70}) map[en:/content-editing/uploading-slides-to-a-slideshow] []}{gz0xarulzp 6j0sfw36mv Tips and Tricks for Laying Out Pages This article shows off processes to create attractive page layouts just using the built in site editing tools. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/tips-and-tricks-for-laying-out-pages /content-editing/tips-and-tricks-for-laying-out-pages tips-and-tricks-for-laying-out-pages [] 2022-05-31 10:54:19.46239 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:19:48.574693 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062be00 0xc00062be18}) map[en:/content-editing/tips-and-tricks-for-laying-out-pages] []}{gpbgcgh2uk 6j0sfw36mv Changing Hours with the Hours Editor This article will show you how to get the hours on your website updated instantly using the free new Hours Editor feature. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/updating-hours /content-editing/updating-hours updating-hours [mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon-fri tue-fri tues-fri monday-friday tue-sat tues-sat tuesday-saturday fall spring summer winter seasonal] 2021-10-01 17:15:01.862531 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:19:44.224665 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false Set by user API 0xc00062bef0 0xc00062bf08}) map[en:/content-editing/updating-hours] []}{633xcg6zzt 6j0sfw36mv Managing Announcement Pop-Up Templates This article shows how to create re-usable templates in the Announcement Builder tool. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/creating-and-editing-announcement-builder-templates /content-editing/creating-and-editing-announcement-builder-templates creating-and-editing-announcement-builder-templates [] 2022-02-07 12:30:10.848907 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:19:34.909156 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc00062bf80 0xc00062bf98}) map[en:/content-editing/creating-and-editing-announcement-builder-templates] []}{2ykgpwj184 6j0sfw36mv Adding OEM Promotions to Your Website This article runs down all of the info you need to know about OEM promotions and promotional slides that can be added to your site. https://help.dealerspike.com/content-editing/adding-oem-promotions-to-your-website /content-editing/adding-oem-promotions-to-your-website adding-oem-promotions-to-your-website [] 2022-04-15 14:54:09.098329 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:19:28.863559 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea030 0xc0003ea048}) map[en:/content-editing/adding-oem-promotions-to-your-website] []}
DMS Integrations
{dvv7qg92og wy3ws4q7sx DMS Integration Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to frequently asked DMS integration questions like how long integrations usually take to set up and which fields on your units will update nightly. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/dms-integration-frequently-asked-questions /dms-integrations/dms-integration-frequently-asked-questions dms-integration-frequently-asked-questions [Incoming Feed integration] 2022-07-15 09:21:28.772103 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:57:30.705354 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 17 seconds ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea210 0xc0003ea228}) map[en:/dms-integrations/dms-integration-frequently-asked-questions] []}{ms5uex6hbu wy3ws4q7sx DMS Integrations Overview (Incoming Feeds) This page lists all of the existing DMS providers Dealer Spike can integrate with to feed inventory to your website. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/dms-integrations-overview-incoming-feeds /dms-integrations/dms-integrations-overview-incoming-feeds dms-integrations-overview-incoming-feeds [] 2022-06-17 15:08:08.345331 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:54:07.865888 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 minutes ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea2d0 0xc0003ea2e8}) map[en:/dms-integrations/dms-integrations-overview-incoming-feeds] []}{72ldv4ez5b wy3ws4q7sx Getting Started with DMS Integrations Get an overview of DMS integrations including info on the first time setup process, how and when your DMS integration will run, and how your data will match with our vehicle database. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/getting-started-with-dms-integrations /dms-integrations/getting-started-with-dms-integrations getting-started-with-dms-integrations [incoming Feed inventory new setup DMS trim matching] 2022-07-15 09:04:13.313955 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:52:13.170139 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 minutes ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea390 0xc0003ea3a8}) map[en:/dms-integrations/getting-started-with-dms-integrations] []}{w4eh7pfeyb wy3ws4q7sx Integration Details for Dealers with CDK Lightspeed DMS When integrating your Dealer Spike website with your CDK Lightspeed DMS to import major unit inventory, please be aware of the following: Dealer Spike needs your CMF number. If you have multiple stor… https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-cdk-lightspeed-dms /dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-cdk-lightspeed-dms integration-details-for-dealers-with-cdk-lightspeed-dms [] 2023-08-02 19:36:42.826983 +0000 UTC 2023-09-22 23:43:51.71181 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 2 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea468 0xc0003ea480}) map[en:/dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-cdk-lightspeed-dms] []}{wp71c7uwvi wy3ws4q7sx How to Prepare for your DMS Integration The DMS Integration process is a joint effort between the Production Team, the Integration Team, and the Dealer. Each party has specific responsibilities to ensure a smooth experience. What is a DMS… https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/how-to-prepare-for-your-dms-integration /dms-integrations/how-to-prepare-for-your-dms-integration how-to-prepare-for-your-dms-integration [] 2023-08-01 14:20:50.490305 +0000 UTC 2023-08-17 14:21:56.069104 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea510 0xc0003ea528}) map[en:/dms-integrations/how-to-prepare-for-your-dms-integration] []}{haw8103b0c wy3ws4q7sx Updating Inventory from your Sandhills DMS This article shows how to update your site's inventory from your Sandhills DMS integration. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/how-to-update-inventory-to-your-dealer-spike-website-from-your-sandhills-dms /dms-integrations/how-to-update-inventory-to-your-dealer-spike-website-from-your-sandhills-dms how-to-update-inventory-to-your-dealer-spike-website-from-your-sandhills-dms [] 2022-09-23 14:34:56.87172 +0000 UTC 2023-08-11 18:12:56.447507 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea5a0 0xc0003ea5b8}) map[en:/dms-integrations/how-to-update-inventory-to-your-dealer-spike-website-from-your-sandhills-dms] []}{esofypywlh wy3ws4q7sx Integration Details for Dealers with an AutoMate DMS AutoMate requires a signed Authorization form before they will send data to Dealer Spike. If you have multiple locations, a form will need to be completed and signed for each location. Your assigned… https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-an-auto-mate-dms /dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-an-auto-mate-dms integration-details-for-dealers-with-an-auto-mate-dms [] 2023-08-04 21:05:33.442286 +0000 UTC 2023-08-04 21:18:23.719363 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea648 0xc0003ea660}) map[en:/dms-integrations/integration-details-for-dealers-with-an-auto-mate-dms] []}{2ueot504g6 wy3ws4q7sx Request Outgoing Inventory Feeds (Exports) for Third Party Listing Sites This article explains how to start a request to set up a new outgoing feed from your website. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/how-to-request-a-new-major-unit-inventory-feed-to-a-third-party-listing-site-aka-outgoing-feed /dms-integrations/how-to-request-a-new-major-unit-inventory-feed-to-a-third-party-listing-site-aka-outgoing-feed how-to-request-a-new-major-unit-inventory-feed-to-a-third-party-listing-site-aka-outgoing-feed [outgoing export eLeads V12 Homenet eBay Boats for Sale Ritchie Br Trade Pending Cycle Trader CUDL Hammer Zing Gurus TrailerCentral Gubagoo daily feed daily ICC trader JD Power Boatzon inventory export Auction 123 ICC daily feed outgoing feed DealerCenter Vast Daily feed request Serti CarNow autoTrader autotrader inventory feed Powersports.com Image Pro] 2022-05-12 15:13:46.653186 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:56.770373 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea798 0xc0003ea7c8}) map[en:/dms-integrations/how-to-request-a-new-major-unit-inventory-feed-to-a-third-party-listing-site-aka-outgoing-feed] []}{xa0djkew5o wy3ws4q7sx How to Manage your Talon DMS Integration This article walks through updating your site's invnetory with a Talon DMS integration. https://help.dealerspike.com/dms-integrations/how-to-manage-your-talon-dms-integration /dms-integrations/how-to-manage-your-talon-dms-integration how-to-manage-your-talon-dms-integration [Talon] 2022-04-15 19:51:14.569723 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:47.566638 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea858 0xc0003ea870}) map[en:/dms-integrations/how-to-manage-your-talon-dms-integration] []}
DS Web Stats Platform
{u4cph1ujaj 7299t7oetz Resetting Your Web Stats Password This page will walk you through resetting your password for the DS web stats platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/ds-web-stats/resetting-your-web-stats-password /ds-web-stats/resetting-your-web-stats-password resetting-your-web-stats-password [analytics] 2021-11-16 15:25:00.52324 +0000 UTC 2023-07-07 21:42:45.014766 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ea978 0xc0003ea990}) map[en:/ds-web-stats/resetting-your-web-stats-password] []}{0aitq4xu6z 7299t7oetz Logging into Web Stats This article explains how to sign in to the web stats platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/ds-web-stats/logging-into-web-stats /ds-web-stats/logging-into-web-stats logging-into-web-stats [] 2021-12-28 14:29:11.974501 +0000 UTC 2023-07-07 21:41:30.254573 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eaa08 0xc0003eaa20}) map[en:/ds-web-stats/logging-into-web-stats] []}{j3xhc62rpg 7299t7oetz Creating and Managing Goals in Web Stats This article will show you how to set up and manage goals, a kind of conversion tracking on the web stats platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/ds-web-stats/creating-and-managing-goals-in-web-stats /ds-web-stats/creating-and-managing-goals-in-web-stats creating-and-managing-goals-in-web-stats [analytics] 2021-12-17 07:52:51.774408 +0000 UTC 2023-07-07 21:41:30.236742 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eaa98 0xc0003eaab0}) map[en:/ds-web-stats/creating-and-managing-goals-in-web-stats] []}{upxy3wcbjp 7299t7oetz Creating Email Reports in Web Stats This article will show you how to set up email reports on the Web Stats platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/ds-web-stats/creating-email-reports-in-web-stats /ds-web-stats/creating-email-reports-in-web-stats creating-email-reports-in-web-stats [analytics] 2021-12-07 17:14:36.504391 +0000 UTC 2023-07-07 21:41:30.200569 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eab28 0xc0003eab40}) map[en:/ds-web-stats/creating-email-reports-in-web-stats] []}{bxbdl3ux5f 7299t7oetz Creating Custom Reports in Web Stats This article will show you how to create custom graphs and widgets to report on custom analytics metrics through the web stats platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/ds-web-stats/creating-custom-reports-in-web-stats /ds-web-stats/creating-custom-reports-in-web-stats creating-custom-reports-in-web-stats [analytics] 2021-12-28 14:25:27.467777 +0000 UTC 2023-07-07 21:41:30.182545 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eabd0 0xc0003eabe8}) map[en:/ds-web-stats/creating-custom-reports-in-web-stats] []}
Dealer Spike Information
{r64vks6562 fy817bh53c Third Party Partner Program Script Guidelines Dealer Spike has implemented guidelines for third party partners who wish to add external scripts or code to dealer websites. This article will list requirements and procedures third parties must adhere to get added to Dealer Spike websites. https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/third-party-partner-program-script-guidelines /dealer-spike/third-party-partner-program-script-guidelines third-party-partner-program-script-guidelines [certified] 2023-10-31 22:58:58.315571 +0000 UTC 2023-11-02 15:53:11.337933 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 weeks ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eac90 0xc0003eaca8}) map[en:/dealer-spike/third-party-partner-program-script-guidelines] []}{lv5aspxa8y fy817bh53c Getting Started This article will walk you through all of the basics of the help center and where to go to find particular info. https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/getting-started /dealer-spike/getting-started getting-started [] 2021-12-07 00:57:58.753753 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:27.092832 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ead20 0xc0003ead38}) map[en:/dealer-spike/getting-started] []}{oylxo2hfle fy817bh53c Changing Your Billing Information Looking to update your payment method on file? This article will show you where to go to get your billing information updated. https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/changing-your-billing-information /dealer-spike/changing-your-billing-information changing-your-billing-information [contacting accounting] 2022-07-18 14:54:22.361726 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:21.377294 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eadb0 0xc0003eadc8}) map[en:/dealer-spike/changing-your-billing-information] []}{gnrg8hvg7n fy817bh53c Contacting Technical Support This page will show you different ways you can get in touch with the Technical Support Department https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/contacting-technical-support /dealer-spike/contacting-technical-support contacting-technical-support [] 2021-12-02 20:25:21.339682 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:16.437334 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eae40 0xc0003eae58}) map[en:/dealer-spike/contacting-technical-support] []}{pdwjn07n0z fy817bh53c Getting News and Updates about Dealer Spike This page lists all the different resources you can subscribe to to get updates about Dealer Spike news, new feature releases, tips and advice, and industry news. https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/getting-news-and-updates-about-dealer-spike /dealer-spike/getting-news-and-updates-about-dealer-spike getting-news-and-updates-about-dealer-spike [] 2022-03-28 11:42:00.350714 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:12.187314 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eaee8 0xc0003eaf00}) map[en:/dealer-spike/getting-news-and-updates-about-dealer-spike] []}{628ujmrb7t fy817bh53c Getting in Touch with Your Account Manager Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes.. This article will cover how to confirm the contact details of your account manager. It is a very quick task that only requires you to be able to access the admin p… https://help.dealerspike.com/dealer-spike/getting-in-touch-with-your-account-manager /dealer-spike/getting-in-touch-with-your-account-manager getting-in-touch-with-your-account-manager [] 2021-11-16 15:45:58.737127 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:24:05.03115 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eaf78 0xc0003eaf90}) map[en:/dealer-spike/getting-in-touch-with-your-account-manager] []}
Ecommerce Checkout Process and Orders
{1d4sjp5vin hc8frri8lp Configure In-Store Pickup In-Store Pickup offers functionality to make In-Store Pickup frictionless for dealers and customers. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/configure-in-store-pickup /order-management/configure-in-store-pickup configure-in-store-pickup [pick up in store in store pickup pickup in store bopis pickup location pick up location buy online pick up in store _recent] 2023-10-03 15:39:43.870629 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:31:58.480194 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 25 minutes ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb0e0 0xc0003eb0f8}) map[en:/order-management/configure-in-store-pickup] []}{9tzrchcl3c hc8frri8lp Orders Overview This guide has basic information for understanding and managing orders placed through your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/orders-overview /order-management/orders-overview orders-overview [purchase Order Cancelled] 2021-11-22 22:21:12.857206 +0000 UTC 2023-10-04 18:37:04.164028 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb170 0xc0003eb188}) map[en:/order-management/orders-overview] []}{ksniy6wyq5 hc8frri8lp Configure Shipping Dealers should complete prior items in the Ecommerce Setup Checklist and Troubleshooting article before configuring an Ecommerce delivery option. Ecommerce offers two delivery options: Shipping and P… https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/configure-shipping /order-management/configure-shipping configure-shipping [] 2023-10-03 14:59:35.847262 +0000 UTC 2023-10-03 16:01:42.195317 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb200 0xc0003eb218}) map[en:/order-management/configure-shipping] []}{n2e895v2yy hc8frri8lp EasyPost - Feature Summary and Set-up This article shows the ins and outs of EasyPost, a third party integration that can be added to your web store to help with shipping and fulfillment. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/easy-post-feature-summary-and-set-up /order-management/easy-post-feature-summary-and-set-up easy-post-feature-summary-and-set-up [] 2021-11-23 15:42:32.719712 +0000 UTC 2023-10-03 15:56:20.947225 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb290 0xc0003eb2a8}) map[en:/order-management/easy-post-feature-summary-and-set-up] []}{y6du0qksl3 hc8frri8lp How to Configure Paypal for Checkout This article shows how to set up Paypal as a payment processor for your webstore. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/how-to-configure-paypal-for-checkout /order-management/how-to-configure-paypal-for-checkout how-to-configure-paypal-for-checkout [] 2021-11-22 23:10:28.881952 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:50:07.786384 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb338 0xc0003eb350}) map[en:/order-management/how-to-configure-paypal-for-checkout] []}{ljttu0qtgs hc8frri8lp How to configure Authorize.net for checkout This article shows how to set up authorize.net as a payment processor for your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/how-to-configure-authorize-net-for-checkout /order-management/how-to-configure-authorize-net-for-checkout how-to-configure-authorize-net-for-checkout [] 2021-11-22 23:17:12.496104 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:50:04.044046 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb3c8 0xc0003eb3e0}) map[en:/order-management/how-to-configure-authorize-net-for-checkout] []}{5w856ki1q7 hc8frri8lp How to configure Stripe for checkout This article show how to set up Stripe as a payment processor for your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/how-to-configure-stripe-for-checkout /order-management/how-to-configure-stripe-for-checkout how-to-configure-stripe-for-checkout [] 2021-11-22 23:15:14.282094 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:58.004234 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb488 0xc0003eb4a0}) map[en:/order-management/how-to-configure-stripe-for-checkout] []}{ya4mcl2oc1 hc8frri8lp Lightspeed Web Orders Module This article has information related to the third party CDK Lightspeed integration that sends order data to Lightspeed. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/lightspeed-web-orders-module /order-management/lightspeed-web-orders-module lightspeed-web-orders-module [] 2021-11-23 15:51:32.750167 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:54.221661 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb518 0xc0003eb530}) map[en:/order-management/lightspeed-web-orders-module] []}{auo02iug2e hc8frri8lp Order Automation This page shows how to set up automation for orders to simplify fulfillment for high-volume stores. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/order-automation /order-management/order-automation order-automation [] 2021-11-22 22:28:09.258618 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:50.298774 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb5a8 0xc0003eb5c0}) map[en:/order-management/order-automation] []}{xmstial9qh hc8frri8lp How to Buy Postage This guide walks through the process of calculating and purchasing postage for an order using EasyPost and printing out the shipping label for the shipment. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/how-to-buy-postage /order-management/how-to-buy-postage how-to-buy-postage [] 2021-11-22 16:09:17.967065 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:36.488677 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb650 0xc0003eb668}) map[en:/order-management/how-to-buy-postage] []}{2qacao8b92 hc8frri8lp How to Charge Shipping This guide shows how to set up shipping tiers with costs so customers are charged appropriately for orders to be sent to them. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/how-to-charge-shipping /order-management/how-to-charge-shipping how-to-charge-shipping [] 2021-11-23 16:04:13.516741 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:32.726387 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb6e0 0xc0003eb6f8}) map[en:/order-management/how-to-charge-shipping] []}{jkvn5f3iyv hc8frri8lp Create Coupon Codes This article has information on creating coupon codes that apply discounts to products in your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/order-management/create-coupon-codes /order-management/create-coupon-codes create-coupon-codes [] 2021-11-23 15:37:27.472513 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:25.041673 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{true article is a stub API 0xc0003eb770 0xc0003eb788}) map[en:/order-management/create-coupon-codes] []}
Getting Started with Ecommerce
{2pyg8aj5rg bwi3pgvryn Ecommerce Setup Checklist and Troubleshooting Resolve issues with your Ecommerce configuration with these tips. If you do not see your issue here please reach out to technical support. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerce-setup-checklist-and-troubleshooting /getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerce-setup-checklist-and-troubleshooting ecommerce-setup-checklist-and-troubleshooting [Troubleshoot Ecommerce Ecommerce Broken Can't Check Out Checkout brokent missing catalogs can't find catalogs catalog missing product missing product group missing can't find product can't find catalog] 2023-10-03 15:42:28.973298 +0000 UTC 2023-11-16 14:49:31.330917 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 2 weeks ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb890 0xc0003eb8a8}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerce-setup-checklist-and-troubleshooting] []}{mr1a9ckd6a bwi3pgvryn Webstore Settings This article shows how to input the basic settings for your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/webstore-settings /getting-started-with-ecommerce/webstore-settings webstore-settings [] 2021-11-23 15:47:33.51566 +0000 UTC 2023-08-31 20:07:19.647397 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb920 0xc0003eb938}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/webstore-settings] []}{zft59j0q4p bwi3pgvryn Ecommerce Terms and Functions Reference to each part of Ecommerce functionality and links to available documentation. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerc-terms-and-functions /getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerc-terms-and-functions ecommerc-terms-and-functions [] 2022-04-21 16:10:58.943029 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:49:16.000761 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eb9b0 0xc0003eb9c8}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/ecommerc-terms-and-functions] []}{ns1sv9sf4b bwi3pgvryn Configure Inventory Rules This article shows how to configure the rules governing automation and aggregation of your inventory. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/configure-inventory-rules /getting-started-with-ecommerce/configure-inventory-rules configure-inventory-rules [Aftermarket Inventory Rules] 2021-11-23 15:34:09.857094 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:48:54.801805 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003eba40 0xc0003eba58}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/configure-inventory-rules] []}{zq5fwhpr8w bwi3pgvryn General Account Settings This page has information for setting up an account for the user who will be managing the ecommerce store. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/general-account-settings /getting-started-with-ecommerce/general-account-settings general-account-settings [] 2021-11-23 15:38:39.721771 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:48:51.137441 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebae8 0xc0003ebb00}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/general-account-settings] []}{6a3esz8twl bwi3pgvryn FAQs This article has frequently asked questions from customers with their responses. It's a good idea to check here if you're having an issue to see if there's already a solution or answer listed. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/pss-faqs-light-speed-faqs /getting-started-with-ecommerce/pss-faqs-light-speed-faqs pss-faqs-light-speed-faqs [DS_exclusive] 2021-11-23 15:58:56.581364 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:48:47.484019 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebb78 0xc0003ebb90}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/pss-faqs-light-speed-faqs] []}{1bjeftdth0 bwi3pgvryn Accessing Ecommerce This article will walk you through the process of signing in to the ecommerce platform for the first time. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/accessing-ecommerce /getting-started-with-ecommerce/accessing-ecommerce accessing-ecommerce [DS_exclusive] 2022-02-18 15:49:22.919632 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:48:43.210573 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebc20 0xc0003ebc38}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/accessing-ecommerce] []}{tnztjywt3u bwi3pgvryn File Center Import and Export Hub This page walks through the basics of the File Center tab where you can upload and export CSV spreadsheet files to manipulate the inventory, products, categories, and prices in your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/getting-started-with-ecommerce/file-center /getting-started-with-ecommerce/file-center file-center [] 2021-11-22 22:40:11.931636 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:48:39.597195 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebcb0 0xc0003ebcc8}) map[en:/getting-started-with-ecommerce/file-center] []}
{t0ta3c1e4c ojo0exsk94 How to Add a Sale Price to Inventory Listings While sales or discounts can be exciting for customers due to the savings, adding sale prices and inventory listings can provide benefit to you as a dealer too. Sale prices not only attract customers… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/how-to-add-a-sale-price-to-inventory-listings /inventory/how-to-add-a-sale-price-to-inventory-listings how-to-add-a-sale-price-to-inventory-listings [] 2023-10-02 23:26:46.930651 +0000 UTC 2023-10-17 16:08:13.861904 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebda0 0xc0003ebdb8}) map[en:/inventory/how-to-add-a-sale-price-to-inventory-listings] []}{50x65fiq6l ojo0exsk94 Dealerpic360 User Guide DealerPic360 lets dealers share full 360-degree walk-arounds with customers. It lets customers on their PC or mobile device see an Inventory unit as if they were the dealer lot. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/dealerpic-360-user-guide /inventory/dealerpic-360-user-guide dealerpic-360-user-guide [walkaround spins 360] 2023-09-18 14:48:24.356831 +0000 UTC 2023-10-03 00:28:49.885213 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0r2gjy8pko Randall Theil https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/deda774ad13f3d7133da2cb2a6777b5e?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebe30 0xc0003ebe48}) map[en:/inventory/dealerpic-360-user-guide] []}{0v2jnjgmab ojo0exsk94 Add and Remove Inventory Units Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Required Permissions: Inventory Inventory Platform: Any Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Go to the Inventory Manager page from the Inven… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/adding-units-to-your-inventory /inventory/adding-units-to-your-inventory adding-units-to-your-inventory [] 2021-11-16 16:14:44.955901 +0000 UTC 2023-09-15 20:11:17.16951 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 2 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebec0 0xc0003ebed8}) map[en:/inventory/adding-units-to-your-inventory] []}{8ygp5lnfsk ojo0exsk94 How to Troubleshoot Duplicate Inventory Units on your Dealer Spike Website If you notice units showing up twice on your Dealer Spike website, it's likely due to one of two common causes and you can fix it quickly and easily without contacting Dealer Spike! Common Cause #1:… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/how-to-troubleshoot-duplicate-major-unit-inventory-units /inventory/how-to-troubleshoot-duplicate-major-unit-inventory-units how-to-troubleshoot-duplicate-major-unit-inventory-units [duplicate unit duplicate unit duplicates automaintain] 2022-09-07 21:08:59.525399 +0000 UTC 2023-09-13 14:54:18.842932 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 2 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0003ebf68 0xc0003ebf80}) map[en:/inventory/how-to-troubleshoot-duplicate-major-unit-inventory-units] []}{tr8pk6683a ojo0exsk94 How to Turn off Inventory Fields from Updating Nightly Inventory Field Feeds Manager. You, the dealer, can now control whether specific inventory unit data fields in your Inventory Manager are updated during the nightly inventory feed! Until now, this co… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/how-to-turn-off-inventory-fields-from-updating-nightly /inventory/how-to-turn-off-inventory-fields-from-updating-nightly how-to-turn-off-inventory-fields-from-updating-nightly [nightly field off pricing turn update enable disable updating prices refresh] 2023-05-03 22:17:29.872094 +0000 UTC 2023-08-17 14:32:22.99831 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 3 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa060 0xc0008fa078}) map[en:/inventory/how-to-turn-off-inventory-fields-from-updating-nightly] []}{3biqj2mny3 ojo0exsk94 Managing Stock Photos on Inventory Units This article will show you how to make sure your unit is connected to the database and how to switch between and add multiple stock photos to a unit. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/adding-stock-photos-to-inventory-units /inventory/adding-stock-photos-to-inventory-units adding-stock-photos-to-inventory-units [photo image picture] 2021-12-07 08:38:19.020821 +0000 UTC 2023-08-01 17:59:31.954244 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa0f0 0xc0008fa108}) map[en:/inventory/adding-stock-photos-to-inventory-units] []}{dcnwwte84i ojo0exsk94 About The Vehicle Detail Page This article explains each part of the vehicle detail page or inventory detail page, along with what can be edited for each section. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/the-vehicle-detail-page /inventory/the-vehicle-detail-page the-vehicle-detail-page [pricing] 2022-04-21 22:03:46.616855 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:33:15.929225 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa198 0xc0008fa1b0}) map[en:/inventory/the-vehicle-detail-page] []}{qbucd7euoh ojo0exsk94 Protecting Manual Changes to your Major Inventory Units Protecting Manual Changes to your Inventory Units. The Dealer Spike platform allows you, the dealer, to make changes to your inventory units within the Inventory Manager of your website. The most com… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/protecting-manual-changes-to-your-major-inventory-units /inventory/protecting-manual-changes-to-your-major-inventory-units protecting-manual-changes-to-your-major-inventory-units [overwrite overwriting manual change changes inventory manager auto-maintain change nightly feed picture unit missing website issues issues] 2022-08-16 22:48:24.880219 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:33:11.26956 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa270 0xc0008fa288}) map[en:/inventory/protecting-manual-changes-to-your-major-inventory-units] []}{hax63jyqdi ojo0exsk94 Clearance, Consignment, and Custom Inventory Additional clearance, consignment, and custom inventory list pages can be added to any Dealer Spike site for free on request. This article will show you how they work and how to assign inventory to them. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/clearance-consignment-and-custom-inventory /inventory/clearance-consignment-and-custom-inventory clearance-consignment-and-custom-inventory [_recent] 2022-12-27 14:38:38.966059 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:33:06.889702 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa300 0xc0008fa318}) map[en:/inventory/clearance-consignment-and-custom-inventory] []}{ke0k64cw5l ojo0exsk94 Adding Youtube Videos to Inventory Units Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Inventory Inventory Platform: Any Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Go to the Inventory Manager page from the Inve… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/adding-youtube-videos-to-inventory-units /inventory/adding-youtube-videos-to-inventory-units adding-youtube-videos-to-inventory-units [_Leads] 2021-10-01 17:13:38.392299 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:33:02.537234 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa3a8 0xc0008fa3c0}) map[en:/inventory/adding-youtube-videos-to-inventory-units] []}{20bt57ytdh ojo0exsk94 What to Do If Your Inventory Isn't Updating This article will show you some basic troubleshooting steps and considerations to keep in mind if you find your inventory changes aren't showing up on the front end of your website. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/what-to-do-if-your-inventory-isn-t-updating /inventory/what-to-do-if-your-inventory-isn-t-updating what-to-do-if-your-inventory-isn-t-updating [inventory update missing units Feed inventory manager changes updated overwrite] 2021-12-02 20:21:01.533592 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:58.342001 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa468 0xc0008fa480}) map[en:/inventory/what-to-do-if-your-inventory-isn-t-updating] []}{zez7nmr2ep ojo0exsk94 Tips on Troubleshooting VIN Issues The Dealer Spike platform prevents the same stock number from being entered for different units onto the same website, but this validation feature does not work for VINs. If you are experiencing issu… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/tips-on-troubleshooting-vin-issues /inventory/tips-on-troubleshooting-vin-issues tips-on-troubleshooting-vin-issues [] 2023-03-31 15:41:36.825251 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:53.562049 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa510 0xc0008fa528}) map[en:/inventory/tips-on-troubleshooting-vin-issues] []}{xb4dc1juvb ojo0exsk94 Changing Inventory Prices This article explains what each of the price fields on the inventory pages do and shows how they affect the price display on the front end of the site. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/managing-price-fields-on-the-inventory-pages /inventory/managing-price-fields-on-the-inventory-pages managing-price-fields-on-the-inventory-pages [] 2021-12-17 07:43:42.642909 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:48.82465 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa5a0 0xc0008fa5b8}) map[en:/inventory/managing-price-fields-on-the-inventory-pages] []}{dpt5ahyxpq ojo0exsk94 Sold Inventory Units Still Showing on Website Having sold inventory units continue to show up on your website can be extremely frustrating.. Why does this happen?. How can I fix it?. Read on to find out... Not every DMS has the functionality to… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/sold-units-still-showing-on-website /inventory/sold-units-still-showing-on-website sold-units-still-showing-on-website [sold units remove sell sold units sold inventory updating inventory display displaying] 2023-01-24 23:18:15.339031 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:31:07.914128 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa690 0xc0008fa6a8}) map[en:/inventory/sold-units-still-showing-on-website] []}{d5jowbst54 ojo0exsk94 Inventory Trim Matching Guide Trim matching is how units are connected to the Dealer Spike inventory database and how units get extras like descriptions, specifications, and stock photos. This page explains how trim matching works. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/inventory-trim-matching-guide /inventory/inventory-trim-matching-guide inventory-trim-matching-guide [inventory model number unit model name stock photo matching stock image trim database model code glossary image photo] 2022-01-20 17:53:26.43316 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:29.833887 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa780 0xc0008fa798}) map[en:/inventory/inventory-trim-matching-guide] []}{ou8ifgl275 ojo0exsk94 Managing Rental Inventory This page will show you how to manage rental units. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/managing-rental-inventory /inventory/managing-rental-inventory managing-rental-inventory [] 2021-12-07 04:56:39.046354 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:25.103817 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa810 0xc0008fa828}) map[en:/inventory/managing-rental-inventory] []}{7ci2c8t5s0 ojo0exsk94 Exporting / Printing Out Your Inventory Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes Required Permissions: Inventory Inventory Platform: Any Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Go to the Inventory Manager page from the Inven… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/exporting-printing-out-your-inventory /inventory/exporting-printing-out-your-inventory exporting-printing-out-your-inventory [] 2021-11-16 16:14:16.028631 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:15.90178 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa8a0 0xc0008fa8b8}) map[en:/inventory/exporting-printing-out-your-inventory] []}{00a7hzs9ev ojo0exsk94 Adding Overlay Text to Inventory Units Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Inventory Inventory Platform: Any Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Go to the Inventory Manager page from the Inve… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/adding-overlay-text-to-inventory-units /inventory/adding-overlay-text-to-inventory-units adding-overlay-text-to-inventory-units [] 2021-10-01 15:18:23.867101 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:10.9702 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa930 0xc0008fa948}) map[en:/inventory/adding-overlay-text-to-inventory-units] []}{4n36cnsw54 ojo0exsk94 Managing Featured Inventory Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Inventory Inventory Platform: Any.. Managing Featured Inventory. Featured Inventory is a great tool to highlight units that dealers may want t… https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/managing-featured-inventory /inventory/managing-featured-inventory managing-featured-inventory [featured1] 2021-09-28 21:17:05.700639 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:06.312622 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fa9c0 0xc0008fa9d8}) map[en:/inventory/managing-featured-inventory] []}{qz8bh8g3rn ojo0exsk94 Managing Multi-Location and Multi-Site Inventory This article will show off the differences between multi-location and multi-site inventory and how to manage your inventory from either perspective. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/managing-multi-location-and-multi-site-inventory /inventory/managing-multi-location-and-multi-site-inventory managing-multi-location-and-multi-site-inventory [] 2021-12-07 18:19:30.806802 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:30:02.055863 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008faab0 0xc0008faac8}) map[en:/inventory/managing-multi-location-and-multi-site-inventory] []}{hk71jfgtzt ojo0exsk94 Managing Inventory Display Order Display Order is a feature that lets you override the default sorting behavior on your inventory pages with custom ordering. This page will show you how to control display order and explain how it works. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/managing-inventory-display-order /inventory/managing-inventory-display-order managing-inventory-display-order [] 2021-12-10 02:59:13.483196 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:29:52.716299 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fab58 0xc0008fab70}) map[en:/inventory/managing-inventory-display-order] []}{qekdm7fdbm ojo0exsk94 Recently Viewed Inventory This page shows off and explains the Recently Viewed Inventory widget that can be added to inventory detail (VDP) pages. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/recently-viewed-inventory /inventory/recently-viewed-inventory recently-viewed-inventory [] 2022-06-07 13:55:27.524571 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:29:46.73938 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fabe8 0xc0008fac00}) map[en:/inventory/recently-viewed-inventory] []}{vg7c2rmq4x ojo0exsk94 Enhance Digital Retailing with Payment Genie Payment Genie provides customers with convenient monthly payment estimates on sales item and search pages. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/enhance-digital-retailing-with-payment-genie /inventory/enhance-digital-retailing-with-payment-genie enhance-digital-retailing-with-payment-genie [payment genie shop by payment monthly payment credit score digital retailing credit check] 2022-05-23 11:58:50.722818 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:29:43.278977 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008facf0 0xc0008fad08}) map[en:/inventory/enhance-digital-retailing-with-payment-genie] []}{ffnxt7zhl6 ojo0exsk94 Adding Units that Aren't in the Vehicle Database This article will show you how to add units that haven't been added to Dealer Spike's inventory database yet, like pre-order units where the full stats sheets haven't been released. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/adding-units-from-outside-the-vehicle-database /inventory/adding-units-from-outside-the-vehicle-database adding-units-from-outside-the-vehicle-database [preorder pre-order 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027] 2021-11-16 15:17:24.634149 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:29:25.821879 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fadb0 0xc0008fadc8}) map[en:/inventory/adding-units-from-outside-the-vehicle-database] []}{pcgcos9a29 ojo0exsk94 How to Edit/Update Inventory Units in the Inventory Manager This article walks through the process to add new inventory units through the DS Admin Panel. https://help.dealerspike.com/inventory/how-to-edit-inventory-units-in-the-inventory-manager /inventory/how-to-edit-inventory-units-in-the-inventory-manager how-to-edit-inventory-units-in-the-inventory-manager [pricing] 2022-10-05 22:10:32.423632 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:29:21.015133 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=&{0jkkbet7wr Marcia Lovell https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/0ac3ff8556a1fbddf80e3bc020aee4b4?d=mm&s=150}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fae40 0xc0008fae58}) map[en:/inventory/how-to-edit-inventory-units-in-the-inventory-manager] []}
{8i1iiji7r3 5vjxnhke33 Change Lead Email Settings This document will walk through the process of updating your lead email settings. https://help.dealerspike.com/leads/change-lead-email-settings /leads/change-lead-email-settings change-lead-email-settings [conversions Test-CMS-LighthouseWP] 2021-09-28 21:05:15.35752 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:43.874351 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008faf30 0xc0008faf48}) map[en:/leads/change-lead-email-settings] []}{3dvr8e72jf 5vjxnhke33 Approving and Rejecting User Surveys and Testimonials Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Required Permissions: Survey Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into your site's admin panel. Click the Content tab at the top of the page, then click the Manage Survey… https://help.dealerspike.com/leads/approving-and-rejecting-user-surveys-and-testimonials /leads/approving-and-rejecting-user-surveys-and-testimonials approving-and-rejecting-user-surveys-and-testimonials [] 2021-12-06 02:00:17.599316 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:37.793053 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fafc0 0xc0008fafd8}) map[en:/leads/approving-and-rejecting-user-surveys-and-testimonials] []}{c4zmefs4v7 5vjxnhke33 Printing Finance App Leads This article shows how to find and print out finance application leads in the admin panel. https://help.dealerspike.com/leads/printing-finance-app-leads /leads/printing-finance-app-leads printing-finance-app-leads [credit] 2021-11-16 15:43:27.523762 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:33.643567 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb050 0xc0008fb068}) map[en:/leads/printing-finance-app-leads] []}{78qavs3tpv 5vjxnhke33 Exporting Leads This article will show you where to go to export leads from your website and offer some configuration tips. https://help.dealerspike.com/leads/exporting-leads /leads/exporting-leads exporting-leads [] 2021-10-01 15:14:01.500733 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:32:29.084886 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb0e0 0xc0008fb0f8}) map[en:/leads/exporting-leads] []}
Lizzy DMS Ecommerce Integration
{netips7jjp zrvfk56ptq Integrate Lizzy DMS with Ecommerce The Lizzy DMS Ecommerce integration allows Ecommerce to pull in inventory and pricing information on a nightly basis and push Ecommerce orders to Lizzy. https://help.dealerspike.com/lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration/lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration /lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration/lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration [] 2023-08-31 21:45:08.609299 +0000 UTC 2023-10-04 18:34:54.620162 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 1 month ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb1a0 0xc0008fb1b8}) map[en:/lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration/lizzy-dms-ecommerce-integration] []}
{7cnhcqv5en 50fxjz9ao4 Understanding Your Automated Email Marketing (AEM) Campaigns & Metrics Automated email marketing is a software tool for your dealership to effortlessly streamline engagement with your audience and promote products or services. In this article, we will explore the various types of AEM emails and how to understand their performance. https://help.dealerspike.com/marketing/automated-email-marketing-aem /marketing/automated-email-marketing-aem automated-email-marketing-aem [email marketing automated email marketing aem market to site visitors capture site visitors reach site visitors re-get re-target email services] 2023-06-30 16:24:30.445085 +0000 UTC 2023-11-30 16:50:59.859473 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 6 minutes ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb290 0xc0008fb2a8}) map[en:/marketing/automated-email-marketing-aem] []}
{aj1bj6u6f1 092l3ha9r6 Log into the Dealerspike Newsletter tool This article explains how to sign into the Dealerspike Newsletter tool. https://help.dealerspike.com/newsletter/log-into-the-dealerspike-newsletter-tool /newsletter/log-into-the-dealerspike-newsletter-tool log-into-the-dealerspike-newsletter-tool [] 2021-12-13 21:36:34.442094 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:34:31.445709 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb350 0xc0008fb368}) map[en:/newsletter/log-into-the-dealerspike-newsletter-tool] []}{34kzk3eycg 092l3ha9r6 Resetting Your Newsletter Password Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes Required Permissions: Newsletter Click Here for Quick Guide: Go to https://app.e2ma.net/app2/login/. Enter the email address associated with your newsletter account… https://help.dealerspike.com/newsletter/resetting-your-newsletter-password /newsletter/resetting-your-newsletter-password resetting-your-newsletter-password [] 2021-11-16 15:26:01.785047 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:34:26.768372 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb3e0 0xc0008fb3f8}) map[en:/newsletter/resetting-your-newsletter-password] []}{xv2rbz0kuc 092l3ha9r6 Creating a Newsletter Newsletters broadcast your business news directly to the people who care: customers who sign up for your email list. This article explains how to create a Newsletter using the Dealerspike Newsletter tool. https://help.dealerspike.com/newsletter/creating-a-newsletter /newsletter/creating-a-newsletter creating-a-newsletter [] 2021-12-10 22:55:51.407759 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:34:21.900243 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb470 0xc0008fb488}) map[en:/newsletter/creating-a-newsletter] []}{hm2k216olk 092l3ha9r6 Importing an Audience List into the Newsletter Tool Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Required Permissions: Newsletter Click Here for Quick Guide: Log into the newsletter tool. Click the Audience tab at the top of the page. Click the Imports tab on t… https://help.dealerspike.com/newsletter/importing-an-audience-list-into-the-newsletter-tool /newsletter/importing-an-audience-list-into-the-newsletter-tool importing-an-audience-list-into-the-newsletter-tool [] 2021-12-02 20:26:22.431644 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:34:12.043326 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb500 0xc0008fb518}) map[en:/newsletter/importing-an-audience-list-into-the-newsletter-tool] []}{bb99cxk348 092l3ha9r6 Exporting Newsletter Contacts to a CSV File This article will show you how to export your newsletter contacts individually or as a group to a CSV file. https://help.dealerspike.com/newsletter/exporting-newsletter-contacts-to-a-csv-file /newsletter/exporting-newsletter-contacts-to-a-csv-file exporting-newsletter-contacts-to-a-csv-file [] 2022-01-04 11:10:03.039479 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:34:05.605683 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb5a8 0xc0008fb5c0}) map[en:/newsletter/exporting-newsletter-contacts-to-a-csv-file] []}
OEM Catalog and Product Management
{74oh57xuam uq18eoijss Update Ecommerce OEM Prices by Price File Import This guide shows how to manage and upload a file containing custom prices for the OEM parts on your Dealerspike website. https://help.dealerspike.com/oem-catalog-and-product-management/import-ecommerce-oem-price-files /oem-catalog-and-product-management/import-ecommerce-oem-price-files import-ecommerce-oem-price-files [DS_exclusive] 2022-06-10 19:18:25.963242 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:35.921234 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb668 0xc0008fb680}) map[en:/oem-catalog-and-product-management/import-ecommerce-oem-price-files] []}{jkqi48kvfc uq18eoijss OEM Information This article has information on managing OEM replacement parts. https://help.dealerspike.com/oem-catalog-and-product-management/oem /oem-catalog-and-product-management/oem oem [] 2021-11-22 16:16:25.969917 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:30.355138 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb6f8 0xc0008fb710}) map[en:/oem-catalog-and-product-management/oem] []}{i9tl8v4ja5 uq18eoijss StreamsAdmin / OEM Replacement Catalog This article shows how to use the StreamsAdmin/Parts Manager page to manage parts inside the ecommerce platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/oem-catalog-and-product-management/streams-admin-oem-replacement-catalog /oem-catalog-and-product-management/streams-admin-oem-replacement-catalog streams-admin-oem-replacement-catalog [OnetoMany] 2021-11-22 16:22:03.585828 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:25.549842 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb788 0xc0008fb7a0}) map[en:/oem-catalog-and-product-management/streams-admin-oem-replacement-catalog] []}{wd0wu3r7o9 uq18eoijss Catalog Availablility- Partstream OEM This page shows all of the catalogs available through PartStream. https://help.dealerspike.com/oem-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-partstream /oem-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-partstream catalog-availablility-partstream [DS_exclusive] 2021-11-29 20:38:25.808612 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:21.542926 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb818 0xc0008fb830}) map[en:/oem-catalog-and-product-management/catalog-availablility-partstream] []}
Other Integrations
Private Catalog and Product Management
{xxh18ir8ax xt6skbuxw7 Update Private Catalog Products and Product Groups by CSV Import How to download a template CSV file, customize it with data, and upload it to import Private Catalog Products into your Ecommerce webstore. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-products-1 /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-products-1 private-catalog-import-products-1 [Product import product group import ecommerce item import Private Catalog] 2021-11-24 21:29:05.377295 +0000 UTC 2023-07-03 21:50:58.068548 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 4 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb920 0xc0008fb938}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-products-1] []}{srrwmz9fk3 xt6skbuxw7 What Should I Know Before Starting a Private Catalog? What core concepts should I know before building a custom Private Catalog for ecommerce? https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/core-concepts /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/core-concepts core-concepts [Custom Catalog Private Catalog core concepts Get Started with Private Ecommerce Catalogs] 2021-11-22 23:18:56.103958 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:10.29312 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fb9b0 0xc0008fb9c8}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/core-concepts] []}{1pn6zgtggi xt6skbuxw7 Update Fitment by User Interface This guide shows how to add fitment through the regular user interface in the ecommerce platform. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/add-fitment-by-user-interface /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/add-fitment-by-user-interface add-fitment-by-user-interface [Private Catalog] 2021-11-22 21:13:42.334416 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:38:03.412608 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fba40 0xc0008fba58}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/add-fitment-by-user-interface] []}{3ol01exygc xt6skbuxw7 Export Ecommerce Products and Product Groups to CSV This guide shows how to export private catalog product data to a CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel or imported into another system. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-export-products /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-export-products private-catalog-export-products [Private Catalog] 2021-11-23 22:19:10.011381 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:59.199629 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fbad0 0xc0008fbae8}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-export-products] []}{03m9jdu49i xt6skbuxw7 Update Fitment by CSV Import This guide walks through how to add fitment by uploading a CSV spreadsheet file. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-fitment /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-fitment private-catalog-import-fitment [Private Catalog] 2021-11-23 22:22:23.973021 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:53.993596 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fbb78 0xc0008fbb90}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/private-catalog-import-fitment] []}{bel7arjxmp xt6skbuxw7 How do I Create and Publish Private/Custom Catalogs? This article lists recommended options for: getting Private Catalog data into the backend, managing pricing, fitments, and inventory, and listing Private Catalog data to the Webstore. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/getting-your-private-catalog-data-into-the-backend /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/getting-your-private-catalog-data-into-the-backend getting-your-private-catalog-data-into-the-backend [Private Catalog] 2021-11-22 17:16:20.90566 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:49.283969 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=true) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false lacks links to mapping. update in two sets of proceefures, not both import and manhual in one track. API 0xc0008fbc08 0xc0008fbc20}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/getting-your-private-catalog-data-into-the-backend] []}{9f96brf8y5 xt6skbuxw7 Update Private Catalog Products and Product Groups by User Interface Add and edit Private Catalog Products and Product Groups. Set basic information and fitment. Update sale prices and inventory levels. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/create-products-by-using-the-user-interface /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/create-products-by-using-the-user-interface create-products-by-using-the-user-interface [] 2021-11-22 22:50:00.733387 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:38.045681 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false confirming status of: This designation will follow the product to eBay so that it is properly marked on the marketplace. API 0xc0008fbcb0 0xc0008fbcc8}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/create-products-by-using-the-user-interface] []}{78zz9wh5n6 xt6skbuxw7 Delete Products This guide walks through how to delete private/custom products from your web store. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/deleting-your-private-catalog-data /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/deleting-your-private-catalog-data deleting-your-private-catalog-data [] 2021-11-22 21:19:28.386141 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:20.682951 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fbd40 0xc0008fbd58}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/deleting-your-private-catalog-data] []}{vseqzm2dxo xt6skbuxw7 Examples of Product Data and Attributes This page has examples of product data from a CSV file along with live examples from a demonstration site of how the products will look. https://help.dealerspike.com/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/examples-of-product-data-and-attributes /adding-private-custom-catalog-data/examples-of-product-data-and-attributes examples-of-product-data-and-attributes [DS_exclusive] 2021-12-08 15:39:29.568811 +0000 UTC 2023-06-27 12:37:16.287138 +0000 UTC %!s(*render.Author=<nil>) %!s(bool=true) %!s(bool=false) 5 months ago %!s(bool=false) %!s(bool=false) %!s(*render.ArticleStaleStatus=&{false API 0xc0008fbdd0 0xc0008fbde8}) map[en:/adding-private-custom-catalog-data/examples-of-product-data-and-attributes] []}

Table of Contents

Dealerpic360 User Guide

Randall Theil Updated by Randall Theil

DealerPic360 lets dealer websites share full 360-degree Inventory walk-arounds with customers on their PC or mobile device. By providing customers with the augmented images and the ability to see a 360-degree view of the Inventory they’re interested in, DealerPic360 creates an experience parallel with being in the dealership, but at the convenience of the customer. The immersive 360° Spins enhance the way dealers share Inventory listings with their customers.  

Not only does this tool provide an interactive view of a Product, it takes only about a minute to capture the walk-around video that can potentially have an impact on a customer’s purchasing decision! 

  • DealerPic360 lets you share interior and exterior 360° Spins right from your lot. 
  • DealerPic360 Hotspots allow you to call attention to specific locations of features or damage on a unit, as if your best salesperson was walking customers around the Inventory Unit.    
  • The DealerPic360 service is designed to enhance online presence and customer engagement for dealers across a variety of verticals, including RV, Trailer, Powersports, Marine, Automotive and more! 

External 360° Spins can be uploaded directly from mobile device to your website and displayed with your existing Inventory images. Internal 360° Spins require Rico Theta hardware, sold separately. 

First Steps 

If you are interested in Dealerpic360 for your website, please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.  

You can download the Dealerpic360 app to your mobile device once your Account Manager has added Dealerpic360 to your website. 

The DealerPic360 app is available to download for iPhones and Android phones.   

  • For iPhones, download the DealerPic360 app from the App Store.  
  • For Android Phones, download the DealerPic360 app from the Google Play Store.   

On your first installation of the DealerPic360 app, the activation page is displayed.   

  1. Tap Activate Account.  
  2. Enter your username and then your case-sensitive password in the sign in view.   
  3. After entering your credentials, tap Sign In. 

Add 360° Spins to your Website 

Use the below instructions for the type of 360° Spin, or virtual tour, you wish to create: 

  • Walkaround 360° Spin Image: Use a mobile device to capture a 360 degree walk-around of the Inventory Unit exterior. This is a quick and easy way to record an external 360° Spin.
  • Turntable 360° Spin: Use a turntable and a camera or mobile device to capture a smooth and professional 360 degree rotation of the Inventory Unit exterior as it spins on your turntable.
  • Interior 360° Spin: Use a Ricoh Theta camera and attachments to provide a stable 360 degree view of Inventory Unit interiors. 

Create a Walkaround 360° Spin Image 

  1. Open the DealerPic360 app on your mobile device. 
  2. Select Menu>Content Management and use vehicle make, model, VIN, or stock number / code to search for the Inventory Unit you wish to capture. 
  3. Select the desired Inventory Unit by tapping it in the stock list to open Vehicle Details View
    A screenshot of a motorcycle
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    If an Inventory Unit does not appear in your app, sync the app with your stock feed. If it still does not appear, please contact support. 
  4. In the Vehicle Details View, tap the 360° spin button. 
  5. Tap the Walkaround button. 
    A screen shot of a phone
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  6. Tilt the phone to landscape and tap the round red record button to initiate the 3-second walkaround countdown. 
    A phone with a car on it
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  7. When the countdown is over, walk steadily to the right around the vehicle (in the direction of the arrow), while capturing the 360° spin image. 
  8. On returning to your starting position, tap the Red Square stop button. 
  9. Preview the interior 360° spin image, dragging the view to confirm there are no issues. Resolve any issues and tap Retake if needed. 
  10. Accept the interior 360° spin by tapping Done
  11. You may immediately create Hotspots. Otherwise finish 360° spin creation and return to the vehicle details page by tapping Next
After creating 360° spins or Hotspots they must uploaded via the Upload Queue to show on your site.

Create a Turntable 360° Spin 

  1. Open the DealerPic360 app on your mobile device. 
  2. Select Menu>Content Management and use vehicle make, model, VIN, or stock number / code to search for the Inventory Unit you wish to capture. 
  3. Select the desired Inventory Unit by tapping it in the stock list to open Vehicle Details View
    A screenshot of a motorcycle
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    If an Inventory Unit does not appear in your app, sync the app with your stock feed. If it still does not appear, please contact support. 
  4. In the Vehicle Details View, tap the 360° spin button. 
  5. Load the vehicle onto the dealership’s turntable  
  6. Use a stopwatch to measure the time taken for a complete rotation of the vehicle. Note the time. 
  7. In the 360° image view, tap the Turntable button, then enter the rotation time in Time Settings. 
  8. Mount the phone on a tripod (or hold it steadily in both hands). 
  9. Start the recording and the turntable at the same time: 
    1. Start the turntable platform. 
    2. Press the red circle record button in the app. 
  10. The 360° spin image is completed when the timer duration is completed. 
  11. Preview the interior 360° spin image, dragging the view to confirm there are no issues. Resolve any issues and tap Retake if needed. 
  12. Accept the interior 360° spin by tapping Done
  13. You may immediately create Hotspots. Otherwise finish 360° spin creation and return to the vehicle details page by tapping Next
After creating 360° spins or Hotspots they must uploaded via the Upload Queue to show on your site.

Create an Interior 360° Spin 

Interior 360° Spins require a rico theta camera. See: https://theta360.com/ 
  1. Open the DealerPic360 app on your mobile device. 
  2. Select Menu>Content Management and use vehicle make, model, VIN, or stock number / code to search for the Inventory Unit you wish to capture. 
  3. Select the desired Inventory Unit by tapping it in the stock list to open Vehicle Details View
    A screenshot of a motorcycle
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    If an Inventory Unit does not appear in your app, sync the app with your stock feed. If it still does not appear, please contact support. 
  4. In the Vehicle Details View, tap the 360° spin button. 
  5. In the 360° spin view, tap the Ricoh Theta Camera button. 
    A screenshot of a motorcycle
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  6. Place the Ricoh Theta camera in the vehicle and switch it on.
  7. Mount the Ricoh Theta on a tripod or monkey pod, placing it in the vehicle so that the camera’s front faces the vehicle’s dashboard – the Ricoh theta’s wireless and camera made lamps are on the rear side at the camera and should face the rear seats. 
  8. Connect to the Ricoh Theta camera via Wi-Fi:
    A black device with a round lens
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  9. On Android devices: tap the Open Settings button then select Ricoh Theta from the Wi-Fi networks. Wait for the Theta connection status to show Connected
  10. For iOS devices: send the DealerPic360 app to background and open your device’s Wi-Fi settings. Select: Settings > Wi-Fi > Ricoh Theta Wi-Fi and wait for connection to be established. 
  11. Return to the DealerPic360 app.  
    1. Android users: tap the back button on the soft navigation bar.  
    2. For iOS devices: return to the DealerPic360 app by toggling and bringing DealerPic360 back to the foreground. 
  12. The Ricoh Theta connection in the app should now show CONNECTED and show the live preview of the vehicle interior. 
  13. Tap the round red record button in the app to capture the interior 360° Spin image. 
  14. Preview the interior 360° spin image, dragging the view to confirm there are no issues. Resolve any issues and tap Retake if needed. 
  15. Accept the interior 360° spin by tapping Done
  16. You may immediately create Hotspots. Otherwise finish 360° spin creation and return to the vehicle details page by tapping Next
After creating 360° spins or Hotspots they must uploaded via the Upload Queue to show on your site.

Create Hotspots for 360° Spin Images 

Hotspots are specific locations of features or damage on a unit you want to call attention to. Hotspots allow you to select a location and add notes that the customer sees when they rotate the view to that location.  Hotspots can be added to new or previously existing 360° Spins on your DealerPic360 app.

  1. To add Hotspots to existing 360° Spins, find your desired 360° Spin in the 360° image view and tap More on the 360° spin. 
  2. Tap Hotspots
  3. Pan the spin so that the feature or damage you wish to highlight is in direct view, then tap Add Hotspots. 
    1. For an interior 360° spin, tap once on the location to indicate a Hotspot.
    2. For an exterior 360° spin, tap continuously until the hotspot location rotates just out for view clockwise, then tap Item has gone.
  4. Configure your Hotspot:
    1. Select Image or Text and add items as indicated.
    2. Specify type: Feature, Light Damage, Heavy Damage
  5. Once all Hotspots are created, tap Done
After creating 360° spins or Hotspots they must uploaded via the Upload Queue to show on your site.

Upload your 360° Spins  

360° Spins will not show on your website until they have been uploaded from the Dealerpic360 app.
  1. Finished 360° Spins are automatically sent to the Upload Queue.  To view the Upload Queue, tap Menu then tap Upload Queue
    If you are in the vehicle details view, first tap Done
  2. You may change the settings for the upload queue to Upload to Wi-Fi or to Upload on any network. 
While content is uploading, iOS users should not close the app. The app should be kept active or running in the background. 
To upload on Android devices using Wi-Fi, set the Wi-Fi network as an unmetered network. 


How much space do I need to take a 360° Spin? 

Maintaining a 6-9 foot distance is recommended for best results. Should space be limited, a wide angle lens can be used to reduce the space required. 

How long does it take to capture a 360° image? 

It should take more or less 45 seconds to capture an exterior 360° Spin and more or less 30 seconds to capture an interior 360° Spin. 

Does your 360 app work with lenses and what lenses can I use? 

Generally, yes. A common 0.45X super wide angle clip-on lens reduces the required distance by 45%. 

Do I need specific hardware to use DealerPic360? 

DealerPic360 exterior 360° Spins and video can be taken with modern Apple and Android Devices. 

Interior images require a rico theta camera. Two modes are currently available: the high end Ricoh Theta “V” and the entry level Ricoh Theta SC. Both are suitable for capturing high quality interior images. These cameras require a stand and the recommended stand for this purpose is the GorillaPod Octopus. 

What resolutions are DealerPic360 videos and 360° images provided in? 

DealerPic360 content is served in a variety of resolutions and formats which are variable by market. 

My Android Device Won't Calibrate 
This applies to Android devices. Calibration is usually not required on iOS devices. 

The DealerPic360 app requires the mobile device to have the compass accuracy set to High. Instances where the compass calibration is set to Medium or Low may result in 2 issues which present as follows: 

  • Before capturing a spin, an on-screen countdown is initiated. If the compass is not calibrated correctly, the countdown will stop at 1, and the spin capture process will not commence. 
  • While capturing a spin, the full rotation is measured in degrees via an on-screen indicator. 

Once you have completed a full rotation, the app may still prompt you to capture a minimum of 90 degrees. 

If you are having Android calibration issues you may use this linked video or the below steps to resolve your issue:


  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device. 
  2. Your location will be indicated by a blue dot. Tap on the blue dot. 
  3. In the bottom left corner, you have the option to Calibrate compass. Tap Calibrate Compass. 
  4. At this moment, the app will prompt you to move the device in a figure 8 motion. Do this until the compass accuracy goes from low or medium to high

Best Practices 

DealerPic360 recommends the following Best Practices for making great 360° Spins. 

Keep the phone level and close to your body 
  • Use both hands to keep the device steady while recording a 360° Spin.
  • Keep your arms close to your body. This helps in cradling the camera and in maintaining a steady shot. 
360° Spins should start and end at the same position on the vehicle 
  • Capture a full 360° Spin by starting and ending your recording at the same position where you started.
  • Start at the vehicle’s front, and use a temporary floor marking as a reference for your starting and end point. It helps to mark a spot on the ground or drop a coin.
  • The app is compatible with turntables if the device is stationary. 
Keep the vehicle in the center of the spin 
  • Before capturing the 360° Spin, it is a good idea to have a path around the vehicle figured out.
  • The exterior 360° Spin should always be completely in the phone’s view - so that the Spin captured does not have any sections of the vehicle missing from view.
  • Maintain a consistent height around the car. The best result is achieved when keeping the reticle around the door at sill height, consistently as you walk around.
If space is limited: 
  • Use a clip-on wide angle lens that fits your device. The wide angle lens lets you record a 360° Spin at a closer distance than is possible without the lens. 
  • Start close to the front of the vehicle, walk around in a wide arc, come in close to the back and copy the same arc around the other side and end in the same spot at the front. This produces a nice spin while not requiring a wide berth in the front and back. 
Use the preview feature 
  • After recording a 360° Spin or video, use the preview feature to pan the image you’ve just captured or to play the video. If you are not happy with what you see, use the options to retake the 360° Spin or the video. 

Adding, Switching between, and Removing Dealerships 

DealerPic360 can be used with multiple Dealership Accounts. 

  1. To add new accounts, tap Menu then Accounts
  2. Tap Add Account. 
  3. In the login screen, enter the username and the password for the new dealer to add. 
  4. To switch between accounts, tap Menu then Accounts
  5. Tap on the desired account. 
  6. The app would take a few seconds to switch to the new account and would load the content management view. 
  7. To remove an account, tap Menu then Accounts
  8. Tap Sign Out- (remove) sign. 
  9. Tap Delete
  10. Confirm that the selected account is to be deleted. 


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